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David Llewellyn Bell was born in the little village of Velindre near to Pontarddulais around the year 1880. He was an illegitimate child, although he had three brothers he was the one God had chosen, in His sovereignty, to show his love and grace.

He married around the year 1900 and lived in the village of Pontarddulais. He was unaffected by the Revival of 1904 being a very self righteous man. Some years later he realised that his religion was empty, and could not satisfy the deep desire and longing of his heart, and so he began searching for reality. One night he attended a service in a church in Llanelli and on leaving the service he was handed a tract entitled "Are you part of the building, or the scaffolding?" When he returned home he told his wife that he would never enter a church again until that question was answered.

The following poem, written by him describes his experience:-

Alone with God in my kitchen
One never forgotten night
When I was weighed in the balance
Found wanting, my awful plight.
I cried, and I prayed and trembled
No hope for a sinner like me
I found I had false religion
My sins like mounds I could see.
Four days under this conviction
God seemed to be far away
I prayed and prayed for forgiveness
But none seemed to come my way
One night Christ Jesus appeared
And offered to take my case
I heard that he was the Saviour
For all of the human race.
I fell at his feet as a dead man
I told Him what a sinner I was
With His hands and feet and side wounds
He pleaded with God my cause.
Next day I heard him saying
"No condemnation now, you are free,
I paid all the debt that you owed Him

When I died on Calvary's tree."

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