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Welcome to our games section, here you'll find links to games that will test your skill and send you on your way either feeling that you've done well or very frustrated. Bont Elim Community Church is not responsible for the content displayed at any of these external links.

If you know of other suitable games that could be added let me know. 

Sudoko - The latest craze for those good with numbers.

Air Hockey - Try this if you think your good enough!

Bowling - You'll need to be good to master this one!

Connect 4 - You all know this one, but can you beat the computer?

Keep ups - One for those with good co-ordination

Kick ups - If you're a football fanatic this is for you.

Mad Cows - Try this for size!

Mini Pool - This is for the experts!

Snake - use the arrow keys to help your snake eat as many apples as possible.

Click Ball - use the mouse to try and keep the ball in the air.

Trouble Underground- this is HARD

Moonstar - another game that requires skill and patience.

Pong - us oldies will remember this one.

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Rooms for Hire

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